Former Stanford Company director to appeal ruling

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Former Stanford Development Company (SDC) Director Barbara Street will be appealing a recent and second High Court judgment that SDC has no properly constituted Board of Directors, and therefore she is not a director.

In her ruling, Justice Pearletta Lanns said Street should cease to describe herself as SDC’s director given that “at best, her directorship expired in 2010.”

Apart from challenging the ruling, Street is also appealing a decision of the Registrar of Companies who denied her application to resume directorship of SDC.

“We have filed an application to compel the registrar to act upon the filing because we have made an application to the registrar since last year and she had not responded,” said Hugh Marshall Jr, who is Street’s attorney.

He said directorships expire every year and have to be reappointed.

“We have done that but the registrar has not accepted any of the filings and hasn’t stated why,” he added.

Justice Lanns’ decision arose out of a claim filed by Stanford International Bank (SIB) (acting through its joint liquidators Marcus Wide and Hugh Dickenson).

For a full and open debate on the Stanford Receivership visit:

The Stanford International Victims Group Forum


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