Stanford Ponzi Opt-Outs Sue Insurance Broker

People with $135 million in claims from R. Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme sued British insurance broker Willis Ltd., claiming it aided and abetted the fraud by issuing false “safety and security” letters.

Lead plaintiff Edna Abel and 274 other individuals or couples hold more than $135 million in claims approved by court-appointed receiver Ralph Janvey. Stanford, 65, was sentenced in 2012 to 110 years in federal prison for 13 of 14 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and mail fraud.

Abel et al. sued Willis of Colorado Inc., WGH Holdings Ltd., and Willis Ltd. on Monday in Dallas Federal Court.

They claim they and their financial advisers were “all influenced” by Willis’s conspiring in the scheme, in which they bought Stanford’s phony certificates of deposit.

“For many of these plaintiffs, their Stanford investments represented significant portions of their life savings,” the complaint states. “These letters provide assurances to potential purchasers of CDs that, among other things, Stanford Financial had passed stringent risk management review by outside auditors.”

To view the full article, click Here

For a full and open debate on the Stanford receivership visit the Stanford International Victims Group – SIVG official Forum


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