District Court Approves Settlement with Bowen Miclette & Britt, Inc. and Related Persons

On August 23, 2017, the District Court approved a settlement agreement by and among the Receiver, the Official Stanford Investors Committee, and certain individual Investor Plaintiffs, and Bowen Miclette & Britt, Inc. (and related persons) (“BMB”). Pursuant to the terms of the settlement, once the District Court’s order becomes final, the Receivership Estate will receive $12.85 million. The Receiver will file a motion with the District Court asking for permission to distribute the proceeds of the settlement after they are received, net of attorneys’ fees and expenses awarded by the Court, to Stanford Investors who have claims approved by the Receiver.

To view a copy of the Court’s Order approving the settlement, click here.

To view a copy of the Court’s Order approving attorneys’ fees, click here.

For a full and open debate on the Stanford receivership visit the Stanford International Victims Group – SIVG official Forum http://sivg.org.ag/


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